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Guiding opinions on the healthy development of the food industry: the future development of the city's enterprises
In order to speed up the development of the food industry, the food industry to promote the transformation and upgrading, the day before, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of the food industry". Views that support large enterprises Zuoyouzuoqiang, encourage corporate mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of overseas raw materials and processing base, focus on the cultivation of the international competitiveness of the large food industry group.  Encourage food enterprises to strengthen brand building, build a hundred years food brand, strengthen docking with the major electricity supplier brand. From the opinion of us is not difficult to see that the future development of China's food industry will be towards the direction towards the big and strong. This will be a big challenge for many small and medium-sized food machinery and equipment enterprises in our country.
Guiding opinions on the healthy development of the food industry: the future development of the city's enterprises
In the future, the challenges and opportunities for the development of the food industry. From the international perspective, weak recovery of the world economy, multinational food group to accelerate the global layout, continue to enhance the core competitive ability, bring certain influence and challenge to the development of food industry in china. On the other hand, with the "The Belt and Road" strategy to promote further, as well as a variety of international trade agreements, foreign investment environment continues to improve, is conducive to China's food enterprises to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of "going out". From a domestic perspective, China economy has entered a new norm, on the one hand, growth is expected to slow down, manpower, land, environmental protection and other comprehensive costs continue to rise, the food industry to maintain rapid development more difficult. On the other hand, food consumption was rigid demand growth, with the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer demand for food nutrition and health higher, constantly enhancing brand awareness of food industry development pattern will change from quantity expansion to quality improvement. Under this background, put forward a "guidance" to promote the healthy development of the food industry will illuminate the path of China's food industry.
Merger and reorganization
China is in a critical period of transformation of economic growth mode and adjust the economic structure, facing a profound change in the economic field. The capital market mergers and acquisitions play an increasingly important role in the national economy structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.
At present, the food machinery industry in China there is a "small and scattered" phenomenon, because the number of enterprises, small scale and other reasons, these enterprises pay more attention to the puerile marketing strategy in the process of competition, while neglecting the establishment of its own core competitiveness. For a long time in the past has caused serious homogenization of food equipment in china. In order to get rid of this situation in a timely manner, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises is imperative.
It is understood that since 2011, the "merger" has become one of the hottest words in our country, and become the mainstream of the market from all walks of life. 2015, continue to encourage policies to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, the local government to strengthen the mix change layout, effectively increase the state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions activity, a number of industry mergers and acquisitions blossom everywhere. It can be said that M & A has become an important means of "Introduction" and "going out". With food machinery enterprises bigger and stronger, to build an integrated environmental service platform is the trend. The long term, in order to talent shows itself platform enterprise leading technology, market development and capital operation ability, go farther.
To create a century brand
With the strong growth of the food industry, food machinery industry in China is booming, manufacturers continue to strengthen innovation in various fields of technology, product design, business management, after years of efforts, the status of food machinery industry in our country has been improved significantly. However, in the process of rapid development, food machinery industry construction and innovation of the brand problems are becoming increasingly prominent.
Brand economy is an important embodiment of the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of a country or region. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed: to promote the manufacturing Chinese create change, Chinese speed shift, to Chinese quality products to China China brand Chinese. The food industry to go out of the country, the urgent need to strengthen brand building and innovation, shaping the China food enterprises in the international market image. In this context, China's food machinery and equipment industry also need to be aware of the importance of brand building.
From the current situation, the influence of food machinery enterprises in China in the international market also needs to be improved, which requires the enterprise to establish a good brand image in the process of development, with high-quality products and personalized service for the international image of China's food industry to regain a lift.
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