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Food machinery industry development will be a broad road green road
Recently, the haze of public opinion field "a voice said the haze of governance takes 30 years or 50 years, some people say" a generation sacrifice "...... These sounds are all in clear a pessimistic outlook: governance haze is a protracted war, haze "farewell" unrealistic expectations. Over the past few years, with the increasing fog and haze, China is also constantly strengthening the attention of haze governance. Nevertheless, the effect is still not satisfactory.
In fact, Chinese began to pay attention to environmental problems since 70s, has been exploring how to solve the contradiction between development and protection, has been exploring what better way to solve the environmental problems in development. If you look at the history, we can see that protect the environment is one of the two basic national policy China, a family planning, one is to protect the environment. In twentieth Century, mankind has entered a period of rapid economic development, especially in developing countries, the excessive use of resources, and promote the rapid development of economy, but also caused many environmental problems.
As the global manufacturing value added is the first country, protect the environment is still an important issue of economic development China. Is the economy first, or the environment as the most important, or both? In order to solve the contradiction between economic development and environment protection, some experts believe that the China to get rid of pollution predicament, I need to change the factory of the world, part of the low-end manufacturing overseas. Although the transfer of "position" is a good way, when it seems, in the Chinese food machinery network Xiaobian now, for some small and medium sized manufacturing equipment such as food processing enterprises, in order to realize this idea, the difficulty is also very big. The equipment for food processing enterprises, how to do can not drag the hind legs and the development of national environmental protection or add impetus to the development of the industry?
In the food industry, food machinery plays a very important role in ensuring food safety, health, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of by-product. However, due to the traditional design methods rarely consider the environmental attributes and food safety attributes, it will lead to the waste of resources, environmental pollution, food processing quality and safety can not be guaranteed. Secondly, in the food industry chain, part of the food and packaging machinery will be high energy consumption, waste emissions, such as high-power motor, drying machine, sterilization machine, waste water treatment equipment, high cost of production. This requires food machinery enterprises to consider the environmental factors in the design stage of product development, try to use green and healthy raw materials, products in the process of reducing emissions.
From the current market situation, also appeared in many food machinery industry environmental protection equipment, such as various types of sewage equipment to some extent alleviate the serious water pollution in china. Secondly, in recent years, a number of domestic food machinery enterprise dedicated to the development of low energy consumption, high efficiency equipment, these products will greatly reduce the waste of resources, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.
The first director of the state environmental protection Qu Geping said: "there is a clean and beautiful environment, then the living conditions favourablemeaningless Chinese" this is the father of environmental protection of the people's China warned! From the real refractive mirror, see our strengths and weaknesses, learn the history, thinking today, thinking about the future. For food machinery enterprises is also true, in the pursuit of rapid development at the same time we must not be short-sighted, at the expense of the environment from afterwads. The future of food machinery industry development will be a broad road green road.
(source: China food machinery and equipment network)