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Internet + food machinery combined with the actual situation to seize the initiative to win the market
"Internet plus" can be popular as "Internet plus various traditional industries", but this is not a simple combination, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and traditional industries depth of integration, to create a new ecological development. The day before, Premier Li Keqiang at the Forum on the economic situation, affirmed the role of Internet companies on the real economy. Then the "Internet plus food machinery" will wipe out what kind of spark?
Relying on the Internet economy vitality
The domestic "Internet plus" concept, can be traced back to the earliest November 2012 Analysys International chairman and chief executive officer of Yu Yang in the fifth session of the Expo speech on the mobile internet. In July 4, 2015, the State Council issued the "State Council on promoting" Internet plus "action guidance", to promote Internet development from consumption to production, accelerate the upgrading of the industrial development level, strengthen the innovation ability of the industry. In May 31, 2016, the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission issued the "report China language situation in Beijing (2016)", "Internet plus" selected ten new words and ten popular words. In recent years, the "Internet plus" to promote the economy changed, which led to social economy vitality, provide a broad platform for reform, innovation and development.
In the January 13, 2017 meeting of the forum, Premier Li Keqiang and the v-mobile bicycle founder Hu Weiwei cordial conversation, always focus on the virtual economy and real economy, and the old and new energy conversion. When you hear the sharing of intelligent enterprise in less than a year for the development of the scale has 800 thousand bicycles, Li Keqiang fully affirmed the role of the Internet companies on the real economy.
"Internet plus food machinery" wipe out dazzling spark
Sharing bicycles is the "new economy", but let the bicycle manufacturing industry again. Shop is the new economy, but directly led to the sale of the entity factory. It is not difficult to find that the virtual economy has created a huge market space for the manufacturing industry. There are more new business start Internet plus traditional industries "model, the future will be combined with the actual situation, relying on the Internet and service industry to promote the development of manufacturing industry.
China food machinery network as early as 2005, just when the rise of the Internet economy, it will be the future -- smell the opportunity of "actual economic integration" in the world. After 11 years of development, Chinese food machinery network has accumulated professional membership exceeded 250 thousand people, more than 30 thousand food machinery enterprises (involving machines, fruit and vegetable machinery, slaughter equipment, packaging machinery, baking equipment, bean products and other dozens of food machinery equipment segments), over the network to provide extension services. In addition, every year there are over 20 thousand of the food machinery equipment purchase orders through this platform China food machinery network, transfer to thriving pass, phone and QQ for food machinery enterprise counterparts.
Chinese food machinery and equipment food machinery network connecting buyers and manufacturers, set up internet communication economic bridge, provide a large number of purchase orders for food machinery manufacturers, is a good embodiment of virtual economy real economic reform. Not statistics, China food machinery network development in the past 11 years, the number of food machinery enterprises to seize the opportunity of "Internet plus" through this platform, to win the market.
Now, more and more enterprises realize that "Internet plus" is the inevitable trend of economic development Chinese. The future, "Internet plus food machinery" is a successful model of the food machinery industry will continue to be staged, Chinese food machinery network to look forward together with you.
(source: China food machinery and equipment network)